Thursday, June 25, 2015

7th Inning Stretch!

Baseball is America's pastime.  I think the NFL would disagree but to me there is nothing better on a summer evening than sitting in the stands, watching the interaction between a bat and a ball.  I love being part of the collective joy of the crowd.  Baseball has been a constant in my life for a long time, even when I fade in and out of caring all that much.  It is somehow always on in the background.  I remember being very little, sitting with my cousins on the floor of my grandparent's den, and listening to the Phillies game on the radio with my PopPop.  We all knew early on that if it were important to PopPop you wanted it to be important to you too.  Sidenote: my grandfather ALWAYS had chocolate nearby if not on his person so my motivation was somewhat split between baseball and the liklihood of a dark chocolate buttercream. 
As I got older my allegiances aligned with the Red Sox and have never left.  When I lived in Boston I rented out a room from my cousin. He had awesome season tickets at Fenway, in the bleachers, right behind center field, in heckling distance of the opposing center fielder.  I would get off of a twelve hour shift at Quincy Market and take the "T" down to the ball field.  I would grab two cold beers and find my seat next to David.  Those were great evenings.  Being in the center of Boston with the lights shining down on the field, a cool breeze off the water, the smell of the ballpark, and the roar of hometown crowd is unlike anyplace else.  Fenway is as magical a place as everyone says it is. (Note:  if you want to see a game at Fenway do it - just don't do it when we are playing the Yankees.  The energy is different and generally not the best time to see the charm of Bostonians. :))
This week one of my nephews is visiting me from Florida.  He is thinking about doing an internship here and potentially moving here after he is done with school.  The first night he is here we are going to a Mariners game.  Safeco Field is an awesome place to see a game.  Like Fenway is the quintessential place to experience the history of baseball, Safeco is the future.  There is no bad seat,  there is a retractable roof which is like riding in a monster size convertible, and the food is completely representative of the people of Seattle.
There is something for everyone.  In addition to traditional ballpark fare and some Seattle staples like Ivar's, there is also a great veggie burger.  Looking for the best garlic fries ever? Look no further. There is even really good Thai food and sushi available. The Local Craft beer with rotating taps flows freely and although it may not be cheap beer I would take good beer over cheap beer any day of the week.   


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