Monday, June 22, 2015

Dora's Pound Cake

My grandmother on my father's side was named Dora.  She was from Kentucky and a school teacher.  Dora died when I was very young but I remember a few things about her (mostly food related, ok all food related.) She was famous locally for her poise and her Pound Cake.
I was driving into work this morning and the smell of her Pound Cake baking in the oven was all I could think about, so clearly I need to make it.

Lucky for you (and everyone in the office) that I have the recipe but almost never make it.  I think the last time I did was about 7 years ago.  Don't get me wrong it is truly one of the best things you will ever eat but it is not exactly on the low-cal side of things.  I am sure you COULD make Pound Cake more eater friendly but that seems incredibly disrespectful to Dora and we are not having any of that.

I am going to tell you the best kept secret EVER though.  Ready?  Day old Pound Cake is SOOOOO much better than the day it is made because on Day 2 you can take a slice and toast it...OMG I am so excited!  Pound Cake is super buttery and eggy and tastes like a dense slice of heaven but when you take a thick slice and put it in your toaster (get ready to have some crumbs catch on fire - no biggie) or in your toaster oven or even on the grill, the Pound Cake gets this crispiness on the outside and the copious amounts of butter that is contained in its soft middle starts to bubble up to the surface.  That is when you know it is done - the butter bubbling as the crumb starts to brown.  YUM!  The residual benefit of all that goodness is that your whole house smells like you just baked a whole new cake.

I am a food purist, so for me, I like my toasted Pound Cake au natural.  However, it is amazing with lightly sweetened whipped cream.  Nobody's going to be mad if you serve it with fresh fruit like strawberries or grilled peaches.  Throw some ice cream on a slice and then you will really see how the other half (or recently determined 1%) lives.  This Pound Cake travels well, freezes well, and is truly a champ in a dessert bringing dilemma. 
Here is Dora's recipe. 



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