Monday, April 6, 2015

Farmer's Market Junkie

Tovolo is based on Seattle - a wonderland of food and drink.  Seattle has an abundance of great food from all over Washington as well as our neighboring states.  We have farmers, ranchers, foragers, vintners, brewers, and fishermen.  Seattlites are incredibly spoiled not only in the quality of food but the diversity of products available to us.  I am a Farmer’s Market junkie.  I love when I see a vegetable I have never seen before, take it home, and realize I have been missing its deliciousness my whole life. 
Creating a meal based around amazing seasonal produce like Dragon Beans, purple potatoes, and Romanesco Broccoli, together with fresh Alaskan Salmon on a summer's night and my life is good. 
There is a great respect for food in the Pacific Northwest.  I think part of that respect comes from a ingrained work ethic. Washington is not that old (I am from the East Coast where my home town was founded in 1623) and the people that settled here were tough!  They used the land and sea for survival and I think you can taste it in the food.  We also have a stellar international community that influences the way we cook.  In walking distance of my house there are six Thai restaurants, 3 Vietnamese, 2 India, and a Hawaiian restaurant.  I also have several Farm to Table dining spots, 5 pizza joints, 4 sushi bars, and a great little Taquirea.  :)

On any day, if you are feeling farmer's market deprived, you can go down to Pike Place Market.  It is a touristy spot for sure but as a local it is still revered as the best place in the city to get the freshest produce, fish, and flowers.  True locals don't go on Saturdays and we don't wait in line at the "original" Starbucks but we still love the Market. (There are literally 15 other Starbucks in a 6 block radius as well as countless other coffee shops.) Huh?

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