Thursday, April 16, 2015

One thing leads to another...

Don't you love when you start one thing and then all of a sudden it morphs into a totally new direction?  Well such a thing happened to me last night.  I found this beautiful recipe for simple berry tarts on a blog called Love, Cake ( 

First, let me say that this is a great tart recipe.  The dough came together so easily, rolled out like a champ, and finished in the oven beautifully.  The tarts were not sweet which allowed the berries to really be the star.  I used blackberries and raspberries. The recipe called for lemon thyme to pair with the berries which was lovely.  I could have just cut out my six little tart shells, baked them in the oven, and been a very happy girl.  BUT, as I was rolling out the dough it seemed like I still had so much dough left over (in fairness the dough rolled out so easily I probably got excited and rolled it too thinly) I thought to myself "Self, what are you going to do with all this extra dough?" Bing (the noise my head makes when I am smart :) )  So I grabbed some brown sugar, butter, and cardamom.  I then melted the butter, mixed the sugar and spice together, and Lo and Behold - the cutest darn cardamom rolls you have ever seen!  (they are the size of a quarter - a quarter of the guilt!)

The tarts were great, yeh, yeh but while I was waiting for the tarts to bake, I treated myself to hot, molten buttery, caramely, doughy happiness!
The tart dough didn't need to rise so it took no time at all.  It was a little crispy, a little flakey but still had structure.  They were DELICIOUS!  Kudos to Love, Cake for the tarts and kudos to little cardamom surprises on a Wednesday night!
Have you had a good baking surprise lately?

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