Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ode to a Mud Pie

There is a whole generation that eats dirt.  They have enjoyed eating dirt since they were little kids.  Apparently, it was a big birthday party activity.  This explains alot about the younger generation.

As I have eluded to in previous posts, I am one of the oldest in my office.   As we were talking about what topics we could talk about on social media for Spring, the idea of making Dirt Cups was thrown into the mix.  I thought the suggestion of making something that looked like dirt was a little odd but who am I to judge odd.  :)

So today, I made my first Dirt Cup!  I am not going to lie - they were pretty darn cute.  First, you make chocolate pudding (don't judge me but it was from a box), mix in some whipped cream, dish it into a cup (preferably clear), and then add crushed chocolate cookies on top to resemble dirt.  Voila!  Adorable!  But wait - there's more!  You "plant" gummy worms, mini gummy frogs, chocolate rocks, and gummy butterflies to create your garden of choice.  We bought bunny Peeps, chick Peeps, jelly beans, and speckled eggs for the Easter inspired gardeners.  For the healthier (ahem) people, we rounded out the pleathera of sugar with mint sprigs which were actually adorable. 

In preparation for our food gardening project I checked out Pintrest and WOW the Dirt Cup inspriation out there is amazing!  These little cups would be perfect for your Easter table or a Spring luncheon, or a kid's birthday party.  You can get as fancy as you want or make it as simple as spending some quality kitchen time with a little one.  The decorating options are limitless!  Show us your Dirt Cup Garden!

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