Monday, April 13, 2015

Mighty Minis!

We all know that good things come in small packages.  So often though we get sucked into buying a cute little kitchen tool because of its size, only to get it home and realize while it is in fact adorable, it doesn't fuction like its larger counterpart. 

One of my favorite things to share with customers is that we don't "dumb down" our mini tools.  Tovolo Mini Tongs use the same engineered mechanism as our larger tongs.  The Mini Scoop & Spread is the same material and strength as the larger Scoop & Spread just shrunk down to the perfect mustard jar size.  Our Mini Whisk is as balanced for its intended tasks as our larger whisks and will be one of your favorite go-to tools in your kitchen. 

The "Mighty Minis" are the right size when you need precision for picking up Prosciutto wrapped asparagus spears at your next party or creating perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast. If you are looking to get the very last little bit of jelly out of the jar so that you can confidently call your kid's sandwich PB & J and not just PB, the Mini Scoop & Spread is your best friend. Do you make smoothies in in the morning?  Want to get the last little bits out of the bottom of your blender?  Let me introduce you to our Mini Spatula - can I get a whoop whoop? Icing cupcakes?  Look no further than Tovolo's 4" Icing Spatula to get the best swoop of frosting.
Have one of our Mighty Mini Tools?  What's you favorite?
Mighty Minis:
Mini Spatulas set of 2
Mini 4" Icing Spatula
Mini Turner Tongs
Mini Tongs
Mini Waffle Tongs
Mini Whisk
Mini Egg Whisk
Mini Cookie Turner
Mini Scoop & Spread

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