Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tovolo's Day Off


A company that plays together, stays together. Today's a good day for a day off.  Fall is approaching and there aren't too many more sunny, summer days in Seattle left. I can already see the light changing and the air has begun to get crisper.  It is a perfect day to pack up early today and head out for a good game of baseball.

The whole Seattle office is going.  If you are lucky enough, at least once in your work life you have the opportunity to be a part of a group of people who all genuinely like and care for each other.  Normally, there is that one person you always roll your eyes at or a boss you think is less than stellar, but right now at Tovolo we have that perfect group.  We all work and play really well together. We share ideas and truly respect each other's opinions. I get kind of sappy about it because I have been around the block enough to know it is a rare find.
(BTW - I am writing this pre-game and will post pics post-game.)

Thanks to Matt, P.T., and Jeff for your generousity. The Mariners won and it was a great game!

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