Tuesday, August 18, 2015

To Doughnut or Not to Doughnut? Wait, I don't understand the question...

To me, doughnuts are a perfect food.  They are light and sweet, vary in flavor and texture, and are good any time of day. Doughnuts, in my experience are never grumpy.  I can admit that not all doughnuts are created equal but that is part of their beauty - there is always a new doughnut shop to try to see if the next doughnut is better than the last. 

The only real drawback from the love and appreciation of doughnuts is that no matter how hard I try to rationalize, they really have no nutritional justification.  Don't get me wrong, there is something to be said for the nourishment that my soul receives when luscious custard filling oozes out of its pillowy captivity. 

Wipe drool now.

I discovered a doughnut shop called FROST not far from my house. (Far enough away to be slightly shamed by the lie "Oh, I was just in the neighborhood" drive by doughnutting that happens but I digress.)  I was watching "Donut Showdown" on the Cooking Channel - DON'T judge me - and the owner put up some impressive doughnuts that were not so overdone in flavor combinations and decorations that I wanted to puke.  He won the challenge - YAY!  At the end of the show, they mentioned the shop was in Seattle so I thought I best check it out, just to be supportive and all. 

FROST is hands down one of the best doughnut experiences I have in years.  Their dough is soft and fluffy, tasty but not too yeasty, and cooked enough to where you have to bite into the doughnut.  They are perfect.  I am so sad they are not just a little closer and equally happy that they are not.  If you are ANYWHERE near Seattle, make the trip - you will not be disappointed!  (Oh and call me and I will meet you there.  PLEASE!)

Glazed with just the right amount of sugar crack...fluffy and soft.

This is the Peanut Butter Perfection from FROST.  It is the same soft luscious dough surrounding super light and creamy, almost silken peanut butter flavored cream.  TDF!

Wait for it...Scuttlebutt Chocolate Porter Doughnut with Bacon Buttercream.  (this is where you picture me dropping the microphone -BOOM!)

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