Friday, August 7, 2015


New York City is the always interesting.  Last week I had a great opportunity to go to NYC for a few days and meet with editors from some impressive magazines to talk about Tovolo's new products.  I had about a 1/2 day on my own to look in on some of our customers as well as try to check out some new food joints I have been hearing about.
When I arrived on the red-eye at 6:00am EST, it was already in the 80's.  By the time I got to my hotel, dropped off my luggage, (of course I couldn't check into my hotel room) and walked down to Chelsea it was well into the 90's. My first stop once I reached the cool oasis of Chelsea Market, was the Doughnuttery.  What's the Doughnuttery?  I am glad you asked.  It is a unique little doughnut shop tucked away in a brick lined alley, midway down the market's corridor.  They are known for very petite (better for eating MANY of them) hot, delicious, cake doughnuts, While they are still hot you can choose from 22 or so flavored sugars to have the hot little morsels tossed in for your tasting enjoyment.  I tried PB&J and Paris Time.  The PB&J is just what you would expect but somehow they take the peanutty, saltiness of peanut butter and make it into a powder and do the same thing with the jelly - it is a feat of genius.  It almost tastes creamy and tart at the same time - YUM!  The Paris Time was a combination of Lavender, Vanilla, and Pistachio sugar - so balanced and flavorful but perfectly subtle.  Tres Bien! 

After going back to the hotel for shower number one, I headed out into the heat again.  I walked back through Chelsea and started to make my way downtown.  I had a great list of all these wonderful places that I was going to try for lunch in the city.  I had only one problem and it was a big one.  It was 102F.  I do not like HOT.  I am not even a fan of warm so HOT in NYC is like walking on the sun for me.  I powered through (10.5 miles total for the day) but every time I passed somewhere I wanted to eat it was just too hot.  I probably drank 8 bottles of water but food was not happening.  Finally after passing Shake Shack, Hill Country, ABC Cafe,  and numerous other awesome food joints I ended up walking into a SUPER air conditioned place across from Broadway Panhandler.  I had curried chicken salad.  I flew 3000 miles to foodie Nirvana to have curried chicken salad for lunch. So sad.  SO very sad.  It was a good curried chicken salad.  I took a picture of it to post but it was too embarrassing.
I did mange however to make it over to Morganstern's Finest Ice Cream.  Bless these lovely people.  It is the tiniest, little, almost non-descript shop but what they lack in space they make up for in charm. Morganstern's is an old fashioned, soda fountain-esque, clean, white shop.  They break down their flavors into sub-sets: Vanilla, Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Specials.  Additionally, there is is section for Sorberts and Toppings.  It was ALOT to take in.  I opted for under Vanilla; Burnt Honey and under Specials; Tonka Bean.  I didn't need to go any further - that would have been perfect but that just wouldn't be me.  I had heard things about the Sesame Caramel Sauce and when I saw it - the deed was done.  HOLY happiness!  It was super dark amber in color with black sesame seeds throughout - just enough for that wonderful nutty flavor but not so many that my teeth would be studded with little black specks.  OH my, thank you!  It was so creamy.  The flavors were bold but well balanced and so refined!  Excellent!

I was also very fortunate to have have crossed paths with the Green Market.  A farmer's market right in the heart of Union Square Park.  It is such a beautiful respite right in the middle of the city.  Summer vegetables - is there anything better?

New York is always interesting.  The sights, the sounds, the people, the food, the vibe in general - it is one-of-a-kind. 


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