Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Your best Eggs Benedict!

Sunday morning.  Still under the covers, chilly outside but the sun is up and shining.  There is a faint smell of toast and butter with just a light effervescent trace of lemon in the air.  Coffee is brewed. Orange juice is squeezed.  I have had this dream.  I have had this dream often.  It starts with someone (not mentioning any names - Benjamin Bratt, if you are reading this drop me a note :)) in my kitchen making perfect Eggs Benedict.  Bless you Benjamin, bless you! 

So what goes into the perfect Eggs Benedict?  Well Hollandaise for one.  It is actually THE thing that makes it Eggs Benedict.  Darcy, who works in our office - fabulous, 6'1', 25, and gorgeous, makes Hollandaise with her dad and swears his sauce is perfection itself. Toast. Toast is subjective and deeply personal.  Traditionally, it is an English Muffin but I won't be mad at a fluffy buttermilk biscuit as a vessel of Benedict love.  A poached egg.  I will come back to this because I was severely poach egg challenged and then I discovered a magic pouch*.  I like smoked salmon and capers on my Eggs Benedict but we are kind of at the best part now - it's your perfect Eggs Benedict, what do you want on yours?
*Back to poached egg magic - a few years ago we partnered with a lovely couple from England who had demystified poaching eggs.  The product is Perfect Poach.  Basically, you crack an egg in this little paper pouch, place it gently boiling water for 4-6 minutes, and Viola - poached egg perfection!  I am a newer poached egg devotee but a poached egg makes everthing I eat a little more sophisticated.  Please see our great video on this meal changer!
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Dwayne's perfect Hollandaise
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My favorite recipe for Eggs Benedict - including how to poach an egg and make the EASIEST creamy hollandaise sauce.

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