Friday, February 20, 2015

Welcome to Tovolove

This is a big day for Tovolo.  Today we launch into a new adventure with you - we are blogging!  This blog is going to be about who we are, our new products, our favorite products, where we are going, what we are eating, but most of all it will be about YOU!  Think of this as an extension of the relationship WE already have.

 We are your favorite spatula.



We made your parties a hoot!


We hang around in your favorite whiskey slowly melting away your stress. 


See, we already enjoy being in your kitchen and helping through the everyday task of feeding yourself and those you love.  This blog is our way of returning the favor and inviting you into our lives.  We are like you; we work hard, we play hard, we cook with a purpose, and have figured out how to make it more enjoyable.

We want to hear from you!  We look forward to hearing what your favorite Tovolo tool is, how you use it, what you are making for dinner, and how we can continue to have a place in your tool crock or drawer.  We welcome your ideas and your feedback.

Tovolo is a really casual office in Seattle made up of fun, smart, young (and young-at-heart) people who love what they do and love the people they get to hang out with all day long.  It sounds cliché but it is true - we are a tight little group.  We have cocktail hours (some lasting more than an hour - don't judge those Sphere molds don't test themselves!) and cook lunch together in our kitchen.  We have breakfast potlucks and play in a competitive miniature golf league.

Being a collaborative team is essential for the Tovolo brand.  Ideas come from everyone and they all count.  The Pancake Pen was from the brain of one of the founder's daughter when she was 8.  The King Cube was born from an idea one of our designers had about how to chill his Scotch without diluting it.  Ideas come from everyone.  What's your idea?

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  1. I love Tovolo and use it all the time. I use the Crock Book Holder to hold my utensils and holds my iPad, too. That way I can watch a video as I work in the kitchen. That makes the time serve double duty. Teal is my favorite color - so I have teal spatulas, tongs and everything teal in Tovolo it seems!