Monday, June 20, 2016

Tovolo's New Strawberry Huller

All Strawberry Hullers are not created equal.

As with most things here at Tovolo, we start with the problem and find the solution.  So you want to get the core out of strawberry?  What is the best way to do that without losing too much of the fruit? How about without potentially losing the tip of your finger?  What is the simplest way?  Is the solution easy to clean?  

So glad you asked!  We created a small stainless steel tube just about the size of a strawberry hull. On the one end is a comfortable handle to give you a little extra grip.  One the other end is, well it is open so that when you push up from the bottom or tip end of the strawberry the tube contains the whole hull.  You then just simply pull the leaves and hull from the tube and slide the strawberry right off!  Easy peasy!  As you can see from the above picture, you are left with a perfectly hulled strawberry.  These are PERFECT to put onto a straw and garnish your favorite cocktail or milkshake.  It also makes really quick work when you are baking and have to hull a pint or more of strawberries.  

When the work is all done.  It easily can be rinsed clean and go in your dishwasher.  

What should I do with all of those hulled strawberries now?

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