Friday, April 22, 2016

Tiki Pops are BANANAS!

We eat alot of Pops in our office.  We go though a long sampling and testing process before we finalize our pop molds.  There is so much to live up to!  Are they fun? Do they make you smile?  How easily do they slide out of the silicone sleeve?  How does the handle feel in your hand?  Does the shape work as well with Kool-Aid and it does with yogurt?  These are many of the things we play around with before a new Tovolo Pop Mold makes the cut.

The Tiki Pop Molds fit all this criteria and more!  They are expressive and cool. I will say of all the Pop Molds these (and the Yetis, and the Monsters, and the Dinos!) are my favorite because they have so much personality.  The thicker the liquid you freeze, the more detail you will see because it becomes opaque when frozen.

This recipe is SUPER easy and surprisingly healthy.  It is simply bananas, nutella, and coconut milk pureed in a blender.  I add a little shredded coconut to the mold before I poured in the banana mixture because I thought it would look like hair - it kind of worked.  The color isn't the prettiest but I think they look and more importantly, taste great!  They have a really fresh banana flavor the coconut milk reinforces the tropical feel.  Texture is really creamy but they are non-dairy!  I add just a scoop of nutella but you could use chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, or even just a tablespoon of cocoa if that is your preference.


2 bananas - mine were just ripe which is how I like to eat them.
1/3 cup light unsweetened coconut milk - I was trying to keep the sugar factor on the low side.
2 T Nutella or other chocolate spread - more if you like.

In a blender, blend all ingredients until very smooth and creamy in texture. Pour into the Tovolo Pop Mold of your choice.  You want to pour the liquid to the first ledge to make sure you don't overflow when you put the handle into the mold. Before you put the handles into the molds tap the base, with full sleeves, gently on a flat surface to remove most of the air bubbles.  Place in your freezer for at least 8 hours.  When frozen, remove the sleeve and enjoy!  Send us pictures of your favorite Tovolo Pop Mold Popsicle!

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