Friday, March 18, 2016

Tovolo Ice Tray Hacks!

Tovolo makes GREAT Ice Cube trays!  A few years ago we changed the game on home ice making.  We all went from white plastic ice trays to colorful silicone trays that produce Perfect Cubes or even better, King Cubes.  The ice is easy to remove and elevates a cocktail into something you would get in the best Manhattan bar full of bearded, hipster mixologists.

One of my favorite things about working for Tovolo are all the customer hacks on our products.  We started to learn that the Mommy community was using Perfect and King cubes for storing homemade baby food.   We learned that the Martha community was using the cube trays for freezing herbs, pesto, infused oils, and a dozen other ways.

Last week, TheKitchn published an article for using our ice trays to make beautiful individual chocolates very reminiscent of French Mendiants.  The best thing is that you can take this idea and run with it!  I will attach their link at the bottom but today I decided to totally copy them!

I simply melted chocolate chips (please feel free to be as fancy or not as you want to be) and poured the melted chocolate into our Perfect Cube Ice Trays, after very lightly spraying them with coconut oil.  I found that filling them up about 1/2 way works the best.  You could make them bigger or even layer them if you were so inclined.  I bought an array of toppings: coconut flakes, Spanish Peanuts (I am obsessed), macadamia nuts, and then I saw trail mix in bulk.  It had all the ingredients I wanted in it as well as a little dried fruit so I used that too.  Again, do what you want to make them your own.  Sprinkle the ingredients you want on top of the melted chocolate and then pop the tray into the fridge for about 20 minutes.

Ok, here is my Tovolo Ice tray tip:  I have literally made thousands of ice cubes in our molds and it always perplexes me when customers tell us they have a hard time getting the ice out of the molds.  Here is the trick, plain and simple, stretch the molds before popping our the cubes.  Simply, pull the silicone from the ice and then push up from the bottom.  Do the same with these little nuggets.  

Today I am just a girl armed with a new fancy trick!  What is you best ice tray hack?

the link:  their photography is epic!

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