Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are tradition.  They are as easy and delicious and I don't know why I don't bake them more often.  They are fun to bake with friends.  They are a perfect distraction/project for the little ones in your life.   You can use sugars or frosting or just eat them plain.  They keep really well.  You can freeze them. They make great gifts and really do not take that much time to make. 

Honestly, I get hung up with rolling them out but it never is the hassle I think it is going to be.  Getting a little salesman on you for a moment, the Tovolo Pastry Mat makes all the difference.  It keeps my counter clean and when I am done with the cookies, I just pick it up, take it to the sink, rinse, and voila - all clean! It also provides a really big work surface.  

Tovolo's Winter Wonderland Cookie Cutters are super easy to use as well and provides my non-decorating inner baker a template to add sparkly sugars or icing.  I have to say though, I think they are beautiful without any decoration.  

I have posted this recipe before but it is a foolproof sugar cookie recipe we use all the time for testing and baking with our cookie cutters.
We would love to see what you create with our cookie cutters!

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